In recent years, I have been compelled to integrate "the sacred" into my daily life. I am continually amazed at what's unfolds from my intuition. I'm learning how to trust my knowing, live a more authentic life and how to incorporate a matured, healthy mystical approach to living in the world. As a result, my soul has an ongoing conversation with my heart. 
     To be in the world (of illusion) but not of it, is an interesting path to navigate. At first, I tried my utmost to contort myself into the matrix of collective reality. But conforming lead to profound sorrow and confusion.
     I've decided to embody Spirit within my work so that integrity follows at every level. When spiritual energy descends into the 3rd-dimension, the potency is higher. As long as you remain within a balanced flow state and allow love to guide you, you can perform what the world sees as miracles. 
Marketing Highlights
  • Partner With Anthony: Since April of this year, I've been a proud marketer of the PWA program and highly recommend it.
  • ​Internet Marketing: Since my retirement from TBS, I've been learning the secrets of internet marketing from The Success Connection.
  • Traditional Marketing: For 13 years, I worked at Toshiba Business Solutions as their designer and marketing person.
Spiritual Journey
  • The Art of Feminine Presence: I am a graduate of the of Groover Seminars' AFP Master's Program and their The Awakening intensives.
  • ​Feminine Power: Achieved Master Level status in Dr. Claire Zammit's Feminine Power year-long seminar.
  • Sacred Art: studied these disciplines--sacred geometry, symbology, color, numerology and The Enneagram, the golden mean, & angelic alphabets.
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